Celebrating 10 Years of

Let's Celebrate!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary year, we’re holding a series of events leading up to our biggest project yet: new housing development in Green River, Utah. We’ve been building towards this project since our start back in 2009, and we’re nearly there. Please join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary year.
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Budget: $1,234,504

Of the project's total budget, we have identified gap of $100,000 to be filled through private individual donations. 92% of the project budget is already secured or expected!

Donations so far...


Let's get this House Party started!

Asset 8

Raise the roof!

$5,000 covers one roof

Asset 9

Party like it's 1999

$1,999 takes care of the trusses

Asset 13

Get on the dance floor

$1,500 buys the flooring

Asset 10

Paint the town red

$750 pays for the house paint

Asset 12

Open the door

$250 buys a door

Asset 11
$ /mo.

Keep the party going

Fund one square inch every month

Or send a check to
P.O. Box 444
Green River, UT 84525

Turn Up the Volume

Want to amp up your impact? We’ve thought of a few ways you can pump up the jam!

Asset 5

Let's Party

Hold your own house party and request donations.

Asset 3

Let's Eat

Invite folks over for waffles, spaghetti, or pizza. Accept donations.

Asset 6

Let's Work

Ask your employer or work colleagues to match your donation.

Asset 7

Let's Create

Host a show to raise funds! Raffle off your art or services!

Interested in fundraising with us? Contact us. We’ve got some fun ideas and rewards!

Party Partners

Please contact us to sponsor the party or to collaborate!

Guest Book

One of my favorite memories of my Frontier Fellowship residency in Green River was [the late] Richard Seeley taking me to identify uranium.

Kirsten Southwell
Frontier Fellow (2016)

As a teacher at Green River High, having the interaction with the Frontier Fellows in my classroom has proven invaluable. Epicenter has provided my students with unique educational experiences with poets, playwrights, singers, songwriters, and folklorists.

Ren Hatt
Epicenter Board Member

I'll never forget applying 23-carat ducate gold leaf to "Elements" with Dan Harrison's son, Bo, on Monument Hill.

Charlotte XC Sullivan
The First Frontier Fellow (2011)

Talking to Nancy Dunham about documenting life in Green River, mostly when she said, "There's just a lot of mysteries out there."

Charlie Macquarie
Frontier Fellow (2017)

Everytime we celebrate a success is my favorite: the grand opening of our building, the printing of The Green River Newspaper, opening of This Is Green River exhibit and screening the film. Such warm memories!

Maria Sykes
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Being a part of the build team for the Epicenter building, and seeing it transform, even if Wes knocked the parapet off the roof.

Aimée O'Carroll
Visiting Architect (2009)

Every day of renovating the "Baxter Building" into Epicenter HQ.

Wes Funes
Intern (2010)

The day before I left, I picked blooming desert flowers with [local artist and fellow Emerging Frontier Fellow] Sarah Burnett. The flowers had not been there when I arrived a month earlier. As we drove out to the Crystal Geyser I couldn't believe how many clusters of flowers dotted the umber hills. Green River is truly a magical place.

Summer Orr
Emerging Frontier Fellow (2019)

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Party Schedule

Enterprise Rose Fellowship Retreat (Nov 11-15, 2019)

Giving Tuesday (Dec 3, 2019)

House Parties (TBD)

Party SLC (Spring 2020)

Canyoneering Fundraiser (Spring 2020)

River Rafting Fundraiser (June 2020)

TBD exhibit at Rio Gallery, SLC (June 2020)

House Party Finale (June 2020)

Party Favors

Come back in 2020 for limited party favors…

House Party Playlist

Fill out this form to submit a song that reminds you of Green River for the party planning committee’s consideration.